My New Year’s Resolutions Will Not Include Laying Off the Caffeine

I have been enjoying Rodger’s coffee (and his wonderful pastry selections and soft serve) for about a year now when I wake up on that side of the Bay, but I find myself considering getting in my car and making the trek over the Bay Bridge just for his wonderful caffeine juice when I don’t wake up West Bay. This is problematic.
This shit will blow your mind into a transcendental caffeine rollercoaster log flume Ayahuasca dream world in which Carlos Castaneda makes you rewrite the laws of phyics.”

During the workweek, I usually just drink the black Peet’s at work. It does the trick in a strictly utilitarian way and saves me some $$$, but when I’m not working in the City and I want coffee, I want gooooood coffee a la Rodger’s. Though coffeehouses are plentiful pretty much everywhere in the Bay Area, the only two I know of that do individually prepared cups are Rodger’s and Philz (where Rodger was once involved—there’s a whole history with them). Both in the Mission, they are the #1 and #2 coffees of my life. Rodger’s is slightly ahead, but I may just be geographically biased. The vegan donuts at Philz are pretty damn amazing.

Cut to Christmas, I didn’t really ask for anything specific, but the Ladyfriend did a great thing and grabbed me a Chemex 6-cup percolator and it solves this problem. It’s easy and coffee is amazing in it (for the record, I’m still using Magic Joe™ from Rodger’s to eliminate any weak links, but I bet Folger’s might be pretty good in this thing.) Completely smooth and silky and perfect. So I should be cracked-out for most of 2010. If I talk your ear off about Native California Grasses™ or other such drivel, please forgive me. It’s Chemex’s fault. Nice work, Ladyfriend. Above is the demo of this magical device.

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