This Happened #000

Cheap Wine Tasting HazeLast night we had a cheap wine blind tasting at work. 2009 Robert Mondavi Meritage won. I drank too much as there was no spittoon available which left me to swallow the wine I didn’t spit on the floor. Then I went to a going away thing for another coworker and paid for a drink. How stupid is that?! Then I went to a free Colt 45 Blast event at 111 Minna, but I went to the private party side and ate shrunos which is what I call shrimps when I mistype it.

CHOMPThumbs Up On The Sushis
Thumbs Down On The Skewered BeefSlidersSliders have been approved.
I then had new friends give me the thumbs ups or downs to show visually whether they liked the catered food item or not. There were skewered things and sliders and veg sushis. I shamelessly devoured them all. Then, like a fool with suspicious minds, I paid for another drink that I didn’t need nor deserve. I couldn’t figure out where to get the drink tix, which is what I call tickets. There were people in blazers and caucasians. And some ladies. I ignored all these and ate more skewers. Then I bolted.

Once home I talked to lady. Then Security showed up at my door and wanted a beer. I gave him a Corona with lime juice squirted into it as I am out of actual lime. Then I made him breakfast tacos and gave him a multivitamin, because I figure he didn’t have enough vitamins. He was going to go to KFC, but had my PB&J and strawberry tacos. Then we jammed and he asked the Lady if she’d marry me. Then he broke a string on my guitar which was tuned to open G which was easier for him to make a harmonious ruckus. Apparently we jammed for hours, because it was later than when bars close most places. Then he left. The end. It was not all a dream, but I do need some extra sleep and fluids.

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Flickr Update: Freedom is Like a Beautiful Kite That Can Go Higher and Higher With The Breeze

Title: G.H.W. Bush

San Francisco Bomb Squad
eat rain
Victims of the Future
Falkor + Bieber
Drugs '11 Young P Pot
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What Does Punk Rock Mean In 2011?

Don’t put casserole dishes on hot burners. They will eventually explode and send molten glass shards flying across the room. If you have a linoleum floor in the kitchen, the shards will melt into it, ruining it and thereby guaranteeing the forfeiture of your security deposit if you are renting. Also, you should feel lucky if somehow you manage to not be hit by the glass shrapnel and should contemplate how good it is to not have to go to the goddamn e.r. and at least you have that and you probably could’ve blown off your face and who knew a casserole dish could have such an awesome violent explosion. Sometimes it’s cheaper to eat out.

Also, I’m digging The Weeknd’s debut record. Dark, moody synth with whiny neo-soul and nice slow and deep beats, Usher-ish singing about girls and drugs and feelings and azz. I like the music more than the singing, but I continue to surprise myself by repeatedly listening to it. Nice and original. Would love to have just the instrumentals, but the vocals are growing on me.

TheWeeknd - HouseOfBalloons

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Hotel Florida is Set Up Near My House. Hemingway or Eyes Wide Shut 2: Eyes Wider Shut or New Flo Rida Video?

West Oakland film shoot @ 16th Street Station, Nicole Kidman?West Oakland film shoot @ 16th Street Station, Hotel Florida
Haven’t seen Nicole Kidman strolling around my block, but she may be nearby. There’s a big ole film shoot happening at West Oakland’s defunct 16th Street Station. I saw the entrance facade they’d created with a sign that read “Hotel Florida.” At first I thought it may just be work on hip hop non-superstar, Flo Rida,’s next epic video. But by “googling around” as my father once said, I found that they may be filming a bit of the upcoming feature, “Hemingway & Gellhorn,” there which is about Mariel Hemingway and Sarah Michelle Gellar travelling back to the early 20th century and teaching the people the power of yoga, which then prevents WWI and saving the world from catatrophe. Kidman was slated to be in it, so, God willing, we’ll brunch together at Brown Sugar Kitchen tomorrow morning.

West Oakland film shoot @ 16th Street Station, Extras

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Japanese Flag / March 11, 2011 Earthquake + Tsunami

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